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A very special “first”: Xander’s story

One of the most heartwarming parts of being a photographer is being given the privilege to capture some of a family’s most important memories – For milestones, new beginnings, and celebrations.

I recently met Alexander Angelino’s family for their first photo shoot.

This particular session was a celebration in so many ways. Xander is the Angelino’s Rainbow baby after two miscarriages, and he was, from the very start, their fighter.

Born 8 weeks early because of complications, Xander arrived weighing just 3 pounds 4 ounces. Born with a serious heart defect in his aorta, he had huge challenges in front of him. Already so tiny, he quickly dropped to under three pounds by the time they could operate.

With two open heart surgeries and extremely fragile health, Xander needed extra care. His mom, Nicole, quit her job to be with him and the family spent most of their first year quietly at home. They missed family gatherings, holidays, and events because everyday illnesses could put Xander back in the hospital.

All of that love and attention clearly paid off. While they say most babies double their weight in their first year, Xander, eager to catch up with his peers is already over 18 pounds. He is their rough-and-tumble little boy, crawling, chasing his dog, and diving to get the toys that he wants.

That is why this particular photo session was so special, to all of us in the room. It symbolized Xander’s growth and victory. It represented their family’s ability to start enjoying time out of the house together. And to his parents, this sweet little boy with his mischievous smile is their beauty after the pain of loss and then so many months of uncertainty.

Xander is turning one this month, and we wish him the happiest of birthdays.

Pixel Perfect Pros Xander photo 6
Pixel Perfect Pros Xander photo 3
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