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Corporate Project: eXtreem Knees Marketing Portfolio

In addition to the photography services I provide to families, I also work with a number of corporate clients on their product photography, marketing collateral, animations, and videography.

I recently produced a product catalog for eXtreem Knees, LLC. They are a local company that specializes in work, garden, safety and outdoorsman knee pads. After building a successful relationship with Ace Hardware, they were ready to launch a global campaign.

I photographed both action shots and studio images of their products to create a stylized catalog. I combined natural light shots for the work and garden lines on location, and captured some creative lighting shots in a metal shop to highlight their products in use.


The resulting product line catalog is now in use at trade shows and sales meetings, beautifully showcasing the full range of their brand offerings.


Need marketing collateral for your business? I would love to talk with you.

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