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Glam Up Your Childs First Communion Portraits

Your child's first communion marks an extraordinary moment in their life. This is the perfect occasion to have some formal photographs taken of your child in their handsome suit or a beautiful dress that can be framed and displayed for all of your family and friends to enjoy and admire.

The best part about this celebration is that it's typically celebrated on one of the Sundays following Easter, which means that you have the ideal weather to take outdoor pictures and add some creativity to your child's photographs.

I love photographing outdoor communion pictures because churches typically produce formal and sometimes rigid portraits, which doesn't always create relaxed portraits with personality. The natural light in a church typically is not flattering, however, if you still prefer indoor church photos, I’m prepared with portrait lighting that will make your church photos high-quality and beautiful.

A Special First Communion Photography Session

Recently, I worked with a family who wanted to get communion portraits for their daughter. Since this was the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to get creative in shooting their daughter's pictures. This included choosing an outdoor location instead of an indoor space in order to practice social distancing.

The family had connections to the grotto at the Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict in Oak Forest, IL and we photographed on the property of the covenant.

We scheduled an early morning spring session and were able to catch some beautiful early blooms along with the lush green grass in the garden.

I loved photographing the stone grotto because it had some incredible textures to work with and the opportunity to get creative with the lighting. Plus, we were able to incorporate some memorable moments. For example, the Mom is a hairstylist and incorporated her own mother's veil into her headpiece. Capturing grandma putting it in place was a special moment and was a great way to represent a long-standing tradition of communion in their family.

Who Can Be Included in The Communion Session?

The short answer: anyone! There is no limit to how much or how little of family can be included in the family portraits. You are welcome to keep it simple with only Mom and Dad or incorporate the entire extended family.

During this specific session, we were able to capture a wide variety of photographs, including family portraits, extended family portraits, sibling portraits, mommy and me portraits, daddy and me portraits, individual portraits, along with details of the veil and hair.

This was a fun session that was creative and highlighted a special spot for the family. While most families stick to indoor church portraits, the outdoor location provides many unique opportunities to capture gorgeous family portraits in a natural setting.

Get Ready For Your Communion Session Today!

It really is a special memento to photograph your child's first communion. Not only does it document a special spiritual moment but also captures nicely dressed photos of your family. Remember when preparing for your session to ensure your child is fully dressed in their clean communion outfit. Sometimes it’s best to put on the final layers upon arrival. For the best results, choose a location that feels the most comfortable for you and your family.

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