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Headshots That Inspire Confidence

Need new professional headshots for LinkedIn, networking sites or marketing collateral?

I work with clients on two styles of images, depending on their needs:

(1) Standard headshots: If you are seeking a simple, clean shot, I can provide that for you, taking care to provide images that look relaxed and natural.

(2) Enhanced images: By “enhanced,” I don’t mean digitally manipulated. I am talking about creating images that capture your personality or business. The goal is to create something memorable to the viewer that encompasses who you are.

Karen of Ageless Passions is a motivational speaker and life coach who helps people find their passion in life at any age. Karen was born with normal hearing and began losing it in elementary school. She became profoundly deaf after a water skiing accident as a teen. She rediscovered her passion for barefoot water skiing at age 44.

For Karen’s business shots,  we tied in the American Sign Language (ASL) sign for love, the hashtag “Passion” that she wants to capture, and her warm smile.

Ann Marie of Thatgirl Organizes can organize any space in your home or work place. The crisp, white background was a given, which gave great pop to her sage coat. Meanwhile, by adding the simple element of a 9-cube shelf neatly displaying a few items behind her, I was able to accentuate the feeling of symmetry and order while building a more visually appealing image.


Whatever your needs for your headshots, small touches can make a huge difference.

Let’s talk about how to create impactful images that evoke your personality or business.

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