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Making A Great Chicago Attorney Look Good

Day-in-the-life sessions aren’t just for family photography. My corporate clients often need similar photos for their marketing collateral.

Michael Mazek, a Chicago attorney, needed images to update his firm’s website and business cards.

Michael works in a boutique neighborhood firm, so our goal was to differentiate him visually from large, corporate firms. We took some outdoor images that were professional but less formal near his office.


I love the details of this photograph. While the shot has a neighborhood feel to it, you can still see the Willis Tower in the background.


Because much of his business is real estate and family planning law, the on-the-job shots were held during a business transaction that day.


The resulting photos are warm and approachable while still presenting the crisp professionalism of the legal field.


How could corporate photography help support your company’s branding? Let’s talk.

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