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It's time to book your spring portraits!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Family Photographer: Let's Capture Your Spring Family Photo Session

Between your to-do lists and busy schedules, it might be easy to forget to have your family photos taken. However, every moment that you have together with your family is priceless. Taking pictures to remember these moments makes it easy to document change and growth throughout the years.

With the arrival of spring and Chicago starting to bloom, it's the perfect time to have your family photos taken. I would love to work with your family this spring to create fun memories that will last a lifetime! Here are a few reasons why spring is perfect for your next family shoot.

Spring Is Full of Beautiful Blossoms

After a harsh winter, color starts to brighten up the world, with new splashes of brightness sprouting each day. These blossoms can create some of the most naturally beautiful backdrops for family photographs. Some of my favorite photos to capture as a family photographer are families surrounded by flowering trees, lush green grass, and fields of bluebells in the background.

Spring Light Is a Perfect Family Photo Addition

The evening time during spring is a perfect way to capture lovely moments together as a family. While the days are getting longer during the springtime, the sunset is still early enough that you can take advantage of a family photo session in the evening without having to keep the kids up super late. During the summer, an evening session might start around 7 or 8 pm, but during the spring, my evening sessions begin around 5 or 6 pm.

Spring is Perfect for a Family Adventure

Winter keeps the kids indoors for such a long time that they just can't wait to go outside and explore. When the drier and warmer days of spring start to appear, your family will be ready to get out of the house. I like to make my family photography sessions fun and feel like a family adventure. We'll play games, laugh together and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather while taking photos that will last forever.

Spring Brings Rainy Days

I enjoy taking photos of families during the rainy days of spring. If it's looking like it might rain during your spring shoot, we can put on some rain jackets, boots and splash in some puddles. Rainy Naperville family photography shoots are unique and add a playful twist to your family photos.

Spring Brings Floral Prints and Bright Colors

Families love to bring out their bright colors and pastels for spring photoshoots. While winter weather made us all wear heavy sweaters and mittens, spring weather allows us to showcase our favorite soft florals and spring colors. Show off your family's favorite bright colors during your next family photoshoot.

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