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Minnie Mouse First Birthday

A child’s first birthday is magical. As they become more toddler than baby, the entire world is of interest to them, to explore, touch, taste… and often climb!

I met this cutie through a customer referral. We started the birthday milestone session with some vintage shots, then captured her birthday theme: Minnie Mouse. The best part? All of these photos were taken in their own family kitchen. which means a more comfortable setting for their little one – and they were already home for nap time!


Her parents were thrilled with how easily she warmed up to me and the camera, although I’ll give some credit to fun props like mirrors and of course, cake!


To wrap things up, we took a simple shot of a “thank you” sign that could be paired with a picture of the birthday girl for extra adorable, personalized thank you notes.


Additional time for cake clean-up was, of course, free of charge… even if she didn’t save me a piece.

Want to remember your little one’s first birthday with a smash cake? Contact me today and let’s talk themes! I have a broad catalog of studio props that can easily pair with your ideas.

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