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Motherhood Milestones & Spring

Spring is commonly associated with rebirth, new life, and growth, which parallels the motherhood journey... and mothers are amazing! They are the foundation and creation of life around us. Motherhood is a beautiful process that women go through to raise, care for, and grow new tiny humans with their hearts and body. A beautiful, unique bond is created between a child and mother during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding that can never be replaced or duplicated. Your love and story are worth remembering and photographing, which is what maternity photography is all about.

What are Motherhood Milestone Photography Sessions?

Motherhood milestone photography sessions are created to celebrate your role as a mother while highlighting the connection and love you have for your child. The portraits created are filled with emotion and meaningful images that help preserve these precious memories of your life. They are a great keepsake and will be treasured forever, especially as time goes on. Here some reasons why I recommend investing in a Motherhood Photography session.

Celebrate Your New Journey

Documenting the journey of motherhood, in whatever way feels most comfortable to you, is a great way to celebrate the new adventure with your little one. I was privileged enough to work with a client who had an incredible breastfeeding journey with her child. I was able to capture this important milestone in their lives as well as the bond that created an unbreakable emotional connection between Mom and baby. Having this journey documented in life is something special you can reflect on forever.

Freeze Moments in Life

Motherhood is a journey that often goes by in a blink of an eye. One second you're holding a newborn in your arms, and the next, they're off to kindergarten. Documenting specific moments of your motherhood journey, such as your pregnancy, birth, or life with a newborn, can help freeze moments of your life to reflect on as your baby grows up.

Allows Mothers to Be Present

Motherhood is filled with long, blurred days that most likely include various sleepless nights. Investing in a photography session for your motherhood milestones gives you a few hours to focus on the connection and love with your baby in a relaxing environment. Our sessions will capture the sacred connection between you and your baby.

Future Present to Your Baby

Who doesn't love to look back at their own baby photos? It's a beautiful gift to see how much you were loved as a baby and the special moments of your early life. By taking pictures of your motherhood milestones, you're not only creating a gift for yourself, but you're also creating a beautiful, tangible present for your baby to enjoy. Your child will get to see how much they were loved and cared for before they were even born.

Take Your Spring Motherhood Milestone Picture Today!

I would love the opportunity to work with you in your motherhood journey, whether we choose to shoot in Chicago or a gorgeous field of flocks in a Naperville Prairie. If you're ready to book your motherhood milestones photography session, let's connect.

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