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My Inspiration

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Happy 70th birthday, Dad! You have always been my creative inspiration. During my childhood, I admired your artistic talents as an illustrator, painter, and graphic designer for the Chicago Tribune. As I followed your career, I felt like your work was more play. I watched you paint projects. I imitated your drawings. I watched you learn to draw in Photoshop 1. I was baffled and inspired by the digital art. Today, I am proud to have you on my side, inspiring and challenging me in the arts!


Sand Fall in Lower Antelope Canyon

One of my earliest memories was Disney World. I was only four. I wasn’t allowed to touch the family camera on that trip, but I remember asking questions about how it worked. In grade school, I worked in the dark room for the first time and then again in high school. This was not schoolwork, it was play. Then in college, I began to hone in on my own creative niche. My family inspired me to follow my interest in the arts and today, I can’t see myself doing anything else.


Canyon Land USA

I always found myself tuned into detail and inspired by the grandiose landscapes that I visited on our vacations. In high school, I visited Arizona with the school. I saw colors and skies that inspired me to take pictures. I took so many rolls of film that I filled a box with one-hour prints. I found myself drawn to the barren landscape contrasted by life, and intrigued by the canyons and mountains.


Grand Canyon National Park at Sunset


Havasu Falls, Supai Reservation

When I turned 17, I returned to Sedona, Arizona with my parents. We hiked and toured the paths less traveled. We found a place that filled our souls and inspired us to look at Mother Earth as art.


San Xavier del Bac




Cactus Skeleton Macro

I researched the Southwest, made bucket lists and followed through. I am grateful that my Dad and wife were involved in some of these trips. Many people visit a destination to shop, eat and sight see. During these trips, I put the vistas and culture first. These images are a highlight of my collection of the Southwest. Enjoy the views of the Southwest that fill up my soul!


Horseshoe Bend at sunset


Horseshoe Bend at sundown


Saguaro National Park


Sunbeam in Lower Antelope


Looking to the sky in upper Antelope


Fay Canyon, Sedona


Havasu Creek, Havasu, AZ


Havasu Falls, Havasu, AZ


Enter Lower Antelope


Oak Creek Canyon


Spring Bloom






San Xavier del Bac


San Xavier del Bac

Happy birthday Dad, and cheers!

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