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Smile for Isobel Smiles

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My focus in 2017 is giving back. I am proud to align myself with Smallcakes, a cupcakery & creamery, in Naperville and Isobel Smiles, a non-profit organization who grants smiles to children with special needs. Together, we have created a photography mini-session event on Sunday, June 4th. Sign up is easy here.  Our hope is to bring the community together to benefit one girl, Ashley, who is a 12-year-old child with Autism.


The Scoop

We will be offering five minute, purple-themed mini-sessions in the Smallcakes store. A minimum, $25 tax-deductible donation will help us reach our goal. The set allows a maximum of four people at once and we’re focusing on your smiles!


To help bring out those smiles, each person will receive a mini cupcake and various props will also be available. You will receive a digital photo booth strip and the choice of one printable 8×12 digital file.


Giving Smiles

Isobel Smiles was created in memory of the Schissler’s daughter, Isobel. Their mission is to grant children with special needs the gifts of accessibility, experiences, and opportunities. They have chosen Ashley as their next grantee. Therapeutic horseback riding has many benefits for children with special needs, and Ashley responds very well to it. Isobel Smiles has set a very manageable goal of $500 to grant her a half year of riding. It is my goal to see this goal surpassed! Meet Dave and Emily Schissler in this short video .


Sweet Hosts

I looked for a business within my community that fit our theme of smiles and children. What better than gourmet cupcakes and ice cream! Jill and Robert at Smallcakes in Naperville are generous to host a purple-themed photo session event in their South Naperville store at Rt. 59 and 111th from 12-4. Meet the owners, Jill and Robert in this short video.

 Join Us

The first 25 participants to sign up here will receive a swag bag of goodies! Securing your spot will ensure your time, in the event that there is a walk-in line. Arrive at Smallcakes, 4827 S. Rt.59, 60564 Naperville, a few minutes early to sample some treats!

Follow us for special raffles and giveaways leading up to the event! Please share and support Ashley! Let’s make a difference as a community in this child’s life!

Sweet Day

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