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11730 Chesapeake Dr. Plainfield, IL 60585 USA  /  Tel. 847.980.8273

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My story...

Photo by Kristin LaVoie Photography from our "Remember Me Session" with our dog Roxie who sadly passed 2 months later.

My name is Matthew J. Odom, or just Matt. First and foremost, I'm a family man. I married my best friend, and we are blessed with a son and daughter. I enjoy cooking homemade meals, going to concerts, the Southwest, watching my kids explore life, going for hikes, and a beautiful day on the water. My favorite thing is the simple moments in between the chaos of daily schedules.

I'm a digital artist specializing in photography, motion graphics, and video production since 2005. I opened Pixel Perfect Pros, LLC in 2008 with my Dad. Four years later, I took on the adventure of self-employment capturing family milestones. I have captured some of Chicago's most gorgeous luxery weddings with Kristin LaVoie Photography since 2013. I enjoy the diversity of projects my industry presents!

Photography has always been in my life. At just 4 years-old on my first trip to Disney, I remember begging to use my family’s new camera at the Electric Light Parade— I wanted to remember that moment forever. In grade school, the revolving door to the photography dark room was like a portal that took me out of school into a world of play. I was hooked.

I continued to work with film at Libertyville Highschool and was intrigued by the digital revolution that was happening. I attended Northern Illinois University for my core education and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg.

To me, there is no greater job than capturing a moment in life that evokes emotion. These gifts fill my soul. 

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