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Tulip Time: Fine Art Garden Photography

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Garden Photography: Tips for Creating Fine Art with Tulips and Tree Blossoms in the Spring

Garden Photography during the springtime is an underrated topic, especially because of the breathtaking images it can produce. Spring is known as a period of renewal and growth, which makes it the perfect time to document the beauty of the season through the various foliage sprouting in your garden or surrounding area.

Blossoms Inspire My Fine Art Photography

There's something so special about seeing the sunlight bounce through the limbs to highlight the blossoms on a cherry tree or the fresh bloom of a tulip with wisps of color that appear to have been painted with a fine brush. I've always found myself connected to taking photos of tulips, cherry trees, and pear trees because of the lessons I learned from my late mother. She taught me how to plant the bulbs in the fall and anticipate the arrival of spring to see the blooms. I carried this on with my kids. Whenever the flowers start to bloom, I know that warmer days are on the way and beautiful portrait weather is near!

While the flowers only last for a short period of time, their power and beauty throughout the blooming cycle can be captured through photography. I love being able to capture the details of these delicate flowers to create vibrant photography for my clients to enjoy.

Tips on Garden Photography

If you love the springtime blossoms as much as I do, you will want to capture the beauty of your own garden or surrounding area. Here are a few tips I've learned through my years that can help you capture that perfect shot.

  • Pick the Right Time: Certain times of the day will bring out the beauty and dimension of the foliage you're trying to capture. Some of the best times to consider shooting include early mornings or late evenings. The sun's positioning, especially at sunrise or sunset, will help to highlight different features of the flowers.

  • Use the Right Camera Mode: If you're not using the proper mode on your camera, you won't be able to capture essential details of the bloom. Use either macro or portrait mode to focus on the bloom.

  • Move Around: Get creative with how you try to capture the bloom. Get low and close to the flower and try out different angles to see what interesting details you can capture.

  • Capture Background Details: Besides just capturing the flowers, you might want to consider including the sky in the background or multiple flowers in one shot. Try to avoid photographing the dirt in the photos to capture the most vibrant images.

  • Choose the Right Location: Finding the best flowers in bloom is essential to getting the perfect image. If you're looking for a quick getaway, I highly recommend checking out Holland, Michigan. It's one of my favorite places to see, photograph, and buy tulips. The Tulip Time Festival is right around Mother's Day and makes for a memorable trip!

Sharing the Beauty with My Fine Art Photography

My fine art photography reflects the places and things I find inspiring. From the fresh blossoms during the springtime to vivid landscapes, I love to capture the beauty around me. If you'd like to see a complete representation of my work, browse through my online photography shop to see my creations.

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