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2024 Portraits with Santa & Experience

November 2, 3, 16, 17


Step into a world of enchantment with our exclusive Santa experience, meticulously crafted from start to finish. From the moment you arrive until your child's gaze meets Santa's twinkling eyes, we ensure an unforgettable adventure that ignites the spirit of the holiday season for your entire family!


Nestled within our in-home studio are two captivating, custom-designed sets—no mere backgrounds, but immersive environments that transport you into a magical realm. We understand the importance of every detail and gladly accommodate special requests to ensure your comfort throughout.


Capture genuine moments of joy as kids and families interact authentically with Santa and capture timeless portraits. Our mission is to cultivate a positive and extraordinary experience for children, where every interaction with Santa is filled with warmth and wonder.


You can include your child's name(s) and age(s) on Santa's esteemed 'nice list. Rest assured; our focus remains on uplifting conversations—there's no talk of a naughty list here! Within sessions lasting 10 minutes or more, Santa can share a small gift (provided by you), adding an extra touch of delight.


Experience the magic of Santa like never before—where every detail sparkles with wonder and every image is cherished forever. Sign up below!

North Pole Porch

Step onto our larger set, a Charles Dickens atmosphere with street lights, a quaint park bench, and festive winter greens decorating Santa's porch. Adorned in white, red, buffalo check, and birch accents, it's the perfect backdrop for Santa to check his list amidst a magical holiday scene.

Scandinavian Sleigh Room 

Step into our cozy cabin room where Santa's vintage sleigh awaits. Children can sit eye-to-eye with Santa. Adorned with vintage winter gear and Scandinavian accents, it's a charming setting for unforgettable moments.

Stay tuned for updates as we bring this magical scene to life!

The Experience

The Jingle Bell

5-minute session

$89 with your choice of 2 images

Visit with Santa on one set of your choice​

Pre-purchase entire gallery for $60 · Purchase after viewing proofs for $80

The North Pole

10-minute session

$195 with your choice of 6 images

Visit with Santa on both sets


Time to read a quick story or open a small gift (supplied by you).

Pre-purchase entire gallery for $80 · Purchase after viewing proofs for $100

The Sleigh Ride

15-minute session · Festive swag bag

$295 with your choice of 12 images

Visit with Santa on both sets

Time for extended family portraits

Time to read a quick story or open a small gift (supplied by you).

Pre-purchase entire gallery for $95 · Purchase after viewing proofs for $120

2024 Calendar

Time slots are available every 5 minutes with 1 minute gaps in between to allow time for families to transition on and off the set. Please select your preferred hour and I will schedule a time slot that that best fits your request. Available hours are highlighted in the red bubbles below. Sign up below!

November 2

November 3

November 16

November 17

A 50% deposit is due within 48 hours booking and the balance is due 2 weeks before the event.



Galleries typically produce up to 20 images per 5 minutes of photography and are often more robust with sessions full of big reactions and excitement. 

Parents can and are encouraged to join the kids on set for pictures.

Santa can be asked to step off set to take family pictures without him.


Obedient pets are welcome on leash. Santa cannot hold animals due to allergies.

Arrive 15 minutes early to sneak gifts onto the set or gifts can be sent directly to the studio and will be ready for your family on set.

Please note, while Santa spreads joy and cheer, we respectfully do not accommodate requests for reinforcement of behaviors or discussions on sensitive topics. Our commitment is solely to crafting a magical experience that celebrates the joy and innocence of the holiday season.

2024 Santa Session Sign Up

Please provide the following information and I will follow up with the availability. Booking is complete with payment. Should you choose to share the children's names and ages, then their name/s and age/s will be included on Santa's prop list. 

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