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Maternity Shoot at Hurley Gardens in Wheaton, IL | The Colemans

Hurley Gardens is one of my favorite locations for specialty occasion shoots, such as this recent one I did with The Coleman Family. Not only was the shoot a maternity session, but also a first anniversary and belated first birthday shoot! With so much to celebrate, I thought Hurley Gardens would offer the perfect backdrop for all three occasions.

The Location: Hurley Gardens

Hurley Gardens has a timeless, European feel with tall hedges and winding paths that create beautiful lines of perspective. The architecture offers crisp texture and interesting patterns that elevate every photo.

As the Coleman family made their way through the gardens, laughing and playing with their son, I was able to capture sweet, heartfelt moments that they will cherish for years to come.

3 Special Occasions

The best part about this shoot was the fact that we were capturing three very special occasions: a wedding anniversary, belated first birthday, and a baby-to-be!

First Wedding Anniversary Shoot

The beginning of our shoot was in honor of their first wedding anniversary, a milestone that was particularly important for them to document due to having a wedding in solitude during the pandemic.

I set out to capture the love and adoration between Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, which became evident every time they looked at each other. Mrs. Coleman’s long, lavender dress added the perfect touch of romance against the white gazebo and greenery. Mr. Coleman was smartly dressed to match his wife and endearingly embraced her with ease, as if the camera wasn’t there.

Belated First Birthday Shoot

The real star of the show came in the form of the couple’s handsome 1-year-old son. Like most toddlers, he was shy at first, but after a few minutes of cautious interaction, his confidence emerged and he was right at home in front of the camera.

A natural born explorer, it was quite fun capturing him running around the gardens and playfully jumping into his parent’s arms. Whether he was stealing the attention of a group photo, or hamming it up solo, the littlest Coleman lit up every shot. It was such a special experience to capture that “baby-into-toddler” phase that seems to go by in a blink.

Maternity Shoot

And finally, one of the most magical parts of the shoot was the honor of capturing The Coleman’s baby-to-be. As Mrs. Coleman posed against the dreamy landscape, candidly embracing her bump, her smile radiated a joy that was evident in every photo. As Mr. Coleman stepped into the photo, holding her hands and nuzzling her nose, their posture told the story of not just their love, but the love of their family.

Not to be outdone, it wasn’t long before their son joined in the fun, walking in front of the camera and sweetly taking his parents’ hands, making this maternity shoot one to remember.

Are you looking to capture your special occasion at the lovely Hurley Gardens? Email me today to start planning your shoot!

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