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Grow with me! | Greenhouse Birthday Milestone

This first birthday mile stone session at the Bird Haven Greenhouse in Joliet was certainly special. I captured this Mom and Dad’s wedding day, their first child’s milestones, and now their second child’s milestones. I’m literally watching this family grow and their house walls are like a gallery of mine!

I met this adorable little girl when I captured her newborn portraits when she was days old.

Mom likes some of the farmhouse rustic look that my prop catalog offers. We used lots of neutral colors that lends itself to the moodier natural light and warm tones that their home offers.

For her first birthday they wanted a Garden scene. However, with an early spring birthday, the outdoors don’t serve a as a great option for this kind of setting. My go-to option is the the Birdhaven Greenhouse in Joliet. I used to live a few miles away from here so I’m familiar with all the nooks and crannies inside and out. It’s always warm in the greenhouse and we can find great light from just about any angle no matter what the weather wants to do.

We were able to capture a variety of family portraits, sibling, portraits, and focus on the birthday girl with some fresh blooms for a pop of color in the vintage wheelbarrow.

There are many wonderful nooks and crannies that the Bird Haven offers.

The brick path meanders throughout the greenhouse and offers a variety of scenes as you walk towards the back. At the front are trees and gardens that are changed out for the season. The bridge is always a fun point of interest for kids to run across.

We played in the grand room room for a little extra room to move. Mom said the drive and $20 permit fee was totally worth it!

We met back at my home studio for a quick portrait in her bee themed outfit.

And what’s a first birthday milestone portrait session without a smashcake?!

I put together this mauve, pink and rose gold balloon arch on a seamless griege background.

She was very proper with her approach to the cake and was ok with just a taste.

Another family portrait session is in the books, I’ll see your family at the Santa Sessions!

Like what you see? Let’s set up a greenhouse session or a first birthday milestone studio session!

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